New books released

After a decade long investigation, I have recently published two books solving the murder mystery regarding Alexander the Great, on

“The Murder of Alexander the Great: Book 1 – The Puranas.”

“The Murder of Alexander the Great: Book 2 – The Secret War.”

Book 1 – The Puranas, establishes for the first time the link between Alexander and the sacred Indian texts – The Puranas, where Alexander is depicted as an Asura Raja i.e. King of the demons of Patala.

Book 2 – The Secret War further confirms that the assassination was the climax of a secret war waged by Chanakya, the celebrated military strategist of ancient India.

Eighty-eight (yes, 88) new findings about Alexander the Great and the ancient world, and the long list of discoveries from the Indian texts provide an extraordinary biography of Alexander and about the ancient world history.

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